Digital Archive & Virtual Showroom

The digital archive is a collection of all the garments that the Group’s companies have made throughout the years, telling the story of the processes developed and applied to garments and accessories.

The archive can be consulted by all of the Group’s customers and features an innovative interface that provides a 360-degree view of the garment worn, with technical information on the type of processing, the material used, and the Holding Company companies that participated in its creation.

Through the use of cutting-edge tools capable of taking photos of the worn garment or accessory and reproducing it in 3D vision on the dedicated platform, the experience offered to Holding Moda customers becomes immersive and detailed: the companies’ historical archives are thus digitized and made available at all times

Virtual Showroom

The material developed to become part of the Archive will then also compose what will appear in the virtual showroom: an eye-catching, cutting-edge way to present to customers and visitors the work created by HModa Group companies. Through installations in each company, garments and accessories will be worn and visible in 360° by models.

3D Design

The digital archive allows you to group specific research on derivative products and historical company archives, which are then available in the cloud.

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