S – Social

With more than 500 employees, People represent one of the most important stakeholder of the Group.

HModa reflects its sustainability through the respect for every human being, regardless of ethnicity, gender, nationality, religion, social status, personal opinions or others.

Meeting and sharing between people with different stories is strongly encouraged, as it creates a working environment without discrimination, where each individual feels accepted and appreciated. Cooperation between people and understanding of the needs of the others are necessary to develop concrete actions that have positive effects for the entire business.

Our teams are transversal and formed by people with different specializations, working to achieve common goals. The different locations of our Companies is a big challenge for us, but also a great pride. We aim to enhance the qualities of each territory.



People are at the heart of our way of doing business. It is necessary to bring young people closer to the fashion world, by teaching them the specific skills of Made in Italy. Our goal is to forge the craft makers of the future that will be the key to growth and development of Holding Moda.
We consider training an essential value and that is why we invest our energy to cope with the generational turnover and to educate new generations of talent through our Holding Moda Academy, dedicated to the training of the most sought-after figures in the fashion industry.
We collaborate with leading institutes to promote the employment of young talents. Following a period of classroom training, they will enter in the various Holding Moda companies to learn several strategic phases aimed to the production of haute couture for the most important luxury Clients. We also aim to reintegrate senior people, retraining them and giving new opportunities.


IFM & FIT collabs

Holding Moda has partnered with the most important fashion institutes (both nationally and internationally) becoming technical and educational partner for the students. The savoir faire of our workers perfectly reflects the excellence of Made in Italy, allowing the students to get to know and encounter production realities which focus on issues such as: quality, sustainability, innovation and attractiveness.
We hosted students from the Institute Français de la Mode of Paris and the Fashion Institute of Technology of New York with personalized training courses.