Our Company, under the leadership of the Holding Moda Group, is committed to pursuing the principles of sustainable development, social responsibility and transparency. Our approach to sustainability started with the consciousness of the necessity of a cultural transformation, offering to all the Companies that are part of the Group the right tools to improve the well-being of their People and reduce their environmental impact, ensuring at the same time a good Company growth.
Sustainability innovation, excellence and human resources are just some of the fundamental pillars of Holding Industriale , which are circulated to all its sub-holding, such as Holding Moda.

department was born in September 2021 to build and strengthen the sustainability path of the Holding. It is responsible for outlining the sustainability strategy, integrated to the business plan, the vision and the mission of the Group. It spreads the principles and culture of sustainability to the companies and their value chain, at the social, environmental and governance levels, and concretizes them through tangible and measurable projects.

This new department focuses on the macro-objectives of compliance, efficiency and innovation, bringing added value to the companies of the Group, creating cross-contamination of opportunities, values, skills and best-practices.

The objective of HPlanet is the diffusion of the principles of sustainable development in the strategy, culture and operations of all the group companies, engaging in the collaboration, promotion and spread of ESG concepts.

Hind Spa, in order to support HPlanet in the implementation of its objectives of sustainable development, joined the United Nations Global Compact and its 10 objectives.