We are facing a rather ambitious challenge that we take as a great opportunity to change and reflect in order to deploy our skills in order to have an enterprise consciousness that allows us to be responsible, strong and enthusiastic about the tomorrow we are creating together.

Veronica Bovo
CSO Holding Industriale

The commitment of the Group companies

Each Group company is a unique entity that excels in its own sector, but shares a common commitment to sustainability. Each company is committed both to a sustainability path across ESG spheres and to a specific, tailored path for its own reality.

Our route

HModa is committed to the principles of sustainable development, social responsibility and transparency.
Cultural change is fundamental for any company approaching sustainability; therefore, our Hplanet department is committed to promoting a culture of sustainability integrated into business processes. Sustainability, in addition to being a fundamental pillar of HModa, is an integral part of our identity and business model. The commitment is to encourage the entire Group to think sustainably and provide feedback on aspects that can be improved, thus also promoting a culture of dialogue and collaboration at all levels.


Launch of certification processes for social responsibility, environmental, chemical, and health and safety systems along all Group companies.
Measuring and reporting indirect GHG emissions through a common protocol derived from workers’ home-to-work travel and business travel


we set out to undertake group policies that will allow us to further increase the purchase of certified materials while reducing others.



we set out to further increase (in 2023 we reached an encouraging first milestone provided by the recovery of 71 percent of total waste) the share of waste recovered through the implementation of specific projects and wise use of raw materials.

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